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Adaline Bebo

Adaline Bebo is a 2019 graduate of Baylor University in Waco, Texas, and majored in Honors Neuroscience. While there, she served as captain of the Golden Girl Feature Twirlers for 4 years, reigned as College Miss Majorette of America, Collegiate Downfield National Champion, and twirled in four bowl games including the 2020 Sugar Bowl. She is also a world team member for WFNBTA and WBTF on Team USA, winning two gold medals and the titles of Senior Strut and Artistic Twirl world champion. Adaline has also earned 8 other silver and bronze medals in individual and team events, multiple national and grand national titles for USTA and NBTA including Strut, Dance Twirl, Rhythmic Twirl, Solo, 2-Baton, 3-Baton, and Junior and Senior Dance Twirl Team/Twirl Team, as well as a 4-time title holder in the Miss America and Miss USA Organizations. As Miss Park Cities 2018 and Miss Dallas 2019, she placed in the top 5 twice including first runner-up at Miss Texas. She is dedicated to raising funds and spreading awareness for her platform: “No Limitations," by promoting the importance of adaptive sports and playground design for all levels of ability.

It is also her goal to advocate for kindness, leadership, and perseverance through integrated thought, and she champions for interaction and inclusion in all activities, especially for those who live with neurological dysfunction. She shares many of these ideas on leadership and globalization as a featured Blog writer for the Fort Worth Portrait Project (FWPP), in Charity and Public Event Speaking, and in writing devotions for Twirl For God. Baton twirling has given her so many incredible opportunities to travel the world, compete, teach, and serve as a role model to young people everywhere. She cherishes the responsibility of being the best possible ambassador to her sport, country, school, and self, and the charities she has represented: Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, “No Limitations Athletics” in Waco, No Kid Hungry Org., and Diffa Dallas.

Photo by Matt Boyd Photography

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Aerodynamically, bees are not supposed to fly, but they do. They symbolize overcoming obstacles and achieving dreams through the glorification of God. They have become my personal symbol and reminder to work hard, pray hard, and to 'bee' resilient, gracious, and always humble.

Our Seven Rights as Mankind

As promoted by my mentor - Claes Nobel

1. Right Thought

Your mind is a dynamic organ. Everything in the universe and in the world originated in thought.

2. Right Word

Words are incredibly powerful. Once a word leaves your mouth, nothing can pull it back again.

3. Right Deed

Let Dignity, Honor, and Truth be the noble hallmarks of your character.

4. Right Attitude

Smile and laugh. Be kind, positive, and helpful to all. Become a good listener.

5. Right Livelihood

Step lightly on the Earth--leave no foot-prints.

6. Right Here

You do not have to go to the far corners of the world. Start world transformation in your own community. Start right in your own backyard.

7. Right Now

No procrastination! No excuses! Become a very busy, active person for World Betterment and World Change.

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Proverbs 31:26