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The United States Twirling Association (USTA) 

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How to Measure for a Baton

1. Have the person stand facing you holding the right arm straight out to the right side.

2. Lay a yard stick on top of the arm and against the side of the neck.

3. Read the correct baton length at the end of the longest finger. Order that size baton. 

(*Hint: If you're still growing, add an inch or two so you'll be able to twirl it longer before outgrowing it!)

Ordering Your Own Baton

From my very first batons to the ones I twirl today, I've always trusted Star Line Baton Company, Inc. to provide the highest quality and most affordable batons. Check out their site below to order your own!

(Fun Fact: I twirl 30 inch Super Star Thicker 7/16 inch batons)

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