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Adversity impacts every individual in a unique way; the way in which we address and overcome obstacles defines our ability to succeed. It has been scientifically proven that, aerodynamically, bumblebees should be unable to fly, but they do, right? Bees do not have regard for this fact and they only know that they have a mission in life. You should only think about what you can achieve and do your best to maximize it to continually seek your goals - Don't set limitations for yourself! My personal mascot of the bumblebee has shaped my own understanding of reaching success by teaching me that overcoming obstacles to achieve dreams is a product of self-control, discipline, cooperation, and perseverance. 

 As an advocate for No Limitations, Inc. and their mission to make life all-inclusive and accessible to children with disabilities and special needs, I have been working to see a dream of an "adaptive playground" that can accommodate all children in Central Texas come into fruition. 

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